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Our services have been provided to wide variety of clients whose activities cover almost every industry and whose sizes range from small single proprietorship and partnerships, goverment agencies to large domestic and foreign corporations.

Audit & Assurance

Our firm provides services in:

  • Financial statement audit
  • special Audit
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial accounting
  • System & process assurance (SPA)
  • Other assurance services
Why with us? Because our firm give high quality audit and assurance services with the best price to improve the internal control and financial report, the accuracy of financial statements, the compliance to the regulation and the management of critical risks by sharing the experiences and knowledge to anticipate the financial and reporting impacts of the clients’ business decisions.


Our firm provide the accounting services with professional and personal touch. Accounting services provide the financial statements of the clients including the general ledger using the recognized accounting software. More than just providing financial statements, our firm also provide review of all aspects of the clients accounting including financial analysis to help our clients to make important business decision, review the standard and procedure of accounting manual and any other accounting services.


Our firm offer the taxation services which consist of:

  • Tax regulation update
  • Tax planning
  • Tax due diligence review
  • Tax diagnostic review
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax audit
  • Tax objection
  • Tax appeal
  • Supreme court
  • In-house tax training
Our partners are hands on experienced, highly educated and certified level C as Tax Consultant. They provide professional tax advises and offer the best solution to our clients. Our partners always update the knowledge, have hands on experiences in numerous industries and give professional advices and value added to our clients. We also train our staffs to broaden their knowledge and skills to help our clients fulfill their needs.

Business Advisory

We give professional advises to help the growth of the clients and to create value for their shareholder wealth in services such as:

  • Company establishment
  • Company restructuring
  • IPO process
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Business process improvement
  • Others

Executive Recruitment

The importance of a good executive business organization can not be over emphasized. He/she has to work in a business setting that has grown extremely complex. He/she has to take important decisions against a backdrop of such interrelated factors as regionalization, conglomerate activities, ledge capital commitment and deeper social consciousness. While there is executive talent available to fit company's requirements, rarely is this talent found through a help wanted ad or an employment agency. Executive recruitment is an organized scientific process of locating top caliber corporate talent. In the past, many of our clients had asked our help in finding senior and top executive for their companies. We did other thing relatively informal basis. As the competition for searching executive talent intensified, we sensed the need for providing a highly skilled executive to our clients. We therefore develop our Executive Recruitment Services. Our intimate knowledge of client's affairs and their requirements enable us to suggest qualified people for even such specialized areas as finance, accounting, marketing, production, engineering, and personnel.

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